Greatly Nurtured Development (GND) is a sports development hub that provides a platform to learn a range of diverse skills catered for children, young people and adults in a safe, interactive and relaxed environment through football, fitness, wellbeing and conversation. We are an elite team of coaches and specialists and we are the best at what we deliver.


Coaching That Makes a Difference

We are an elite team of coaches and specialists and we are the best at what we deliver. Let us support you in achieving your goals with our services. Have a look at our services, read and schedule a session below. All of our coaches are qualified for their relevant profession and DBS checked. To get in touch about our services, contact us.

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Our football academy provides intense football training sessions using high quality training drills, reward systems and data to monitor and drive performance. Our academy is for 6-15 year olds.

What you can expect at GND Football Academy:

  • GND training kit

  • Reward schemes

  • Outfield and goalkeeper training

  • Internal exhibition matches every month

  • Quality coaching from experienced coaches

  • Members' forum to receive information and update

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GND 1:1 football coaching will assist you in taking your performance to the next level. Engaging in a programme or sessions with our coaches will allow you to address areas of your performance which you would like to improve. We create high intensity and impact training sessions that are enjoyable, challenging and encouraging.

What you can expect from GND 1:1 football coaching sessions:

  • Building your confidence

  • Open the door for player advice and guidance

  • Enhance skill, technique and game understanding

  • Allow performance and progression at a faster rate

  • Help to reduce performance gaps and weaknesses

  • Allow adapted teaching methods in a way that suits the player

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This service is for semi-professional, professional and elite sportspeople who require intermediaries, agents, representation, protection and service for the interest of the athlete.

Our aim is to provide proactive support for athletes at every stage of their career as well as always offering valued and ethical intelligence and guidance.

What you can expect from our Sports Management service:

  • Employment and contract negotiation

  • Player welfare management

  • Player lifestyle management

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Life throws many surprises at us, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we respond to certain situations. With our mentoring sessions, you’ll learn about acceptance and how to exert your power of choice over whatever life may throw at you.

The aim with a GND Mentor is to provide a space to understand your challenges, which we hope will lead to mental enrichment and solid decision making.

What you can expect from our Sports Mentoring sessions:

  • A space to facilitate your thinking

  • Trust, confidentiality, mutual respect and sensitivity

  • An opportunity to take responsibility for your own self-reflection and development

  • An opportunity to identify challenges, goals and set priorities

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This service is for semi-professional, professional and elite sportspeople who want to enhance their sports performance and mental attitude. As you know, this can be the difference between competing and winning. It is for those who want to expand and contest their tolerance of challenging emotions.

Our aim is to broaden your self-identity so that you can find value in yourself beyond your sports performance, whilst also supporting your sporting goals.

What you can expect from GND Sports Counselling:

  • Focusing on improving your mental performance

  • Setting of goals for improved mental health

  • Setting of goals for improved physical health

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What makes a great GND event? We know our customers and we take the time to understand what their needs are. We also know what we offer, its purpose and why it matters.

We always look for ways in which we can relate to our audience and create mutually beneficial references. We plan to precision, we are always developing tranformative ideas and most importantly, we know how to make things fun and easy to understand!

Our aim is to broaden your understanding and intelligence of our material, which is generated by your subjects and goals.

Click below for more information and find out how we can help you to bring an idea alive, GND style!

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GND Football Academy

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