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In life this side of review and evaluation is too often missed, if looked at all. Instead, as individuals we tend to focus on what’s not working well so we can change it. This is a very good practice, but we also often forget to recognise what’s gone well and purposefully pause to celebrate.

Celebrating success stories is important because it helps us to feel good, share success, learn and adapt, be and remain motivated, develop a success mindset, and release endorphins in our body and dopamine in our brain.

Read below our key achievements in our company and your key achievements via coaching services we have provided to you.

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When Mason and his family approached us to join GND Football Academy, Mason did it because he loves football, has a dream of being a professional footballer, and heard that GND Football Academy was the best place to come to in order to achieve that. His family’s concerns however were that he had never played competitive football due to his condition of epilepsy. Mason’s epilepsy affects the working of his brain and is prone to seizures when times get mentally tough for him.

Nullifying the family’s concerns were the main priority for GND and so a lot of research and discussions took place with Mason before he joined GND including whether playing football would have an impact on Mason’s epilepsy; discussions, advice and support from Young Epilepsy – a UK charity working exclusively on behalf of children and young people with epilepsy; modelling and contacting epilepsy and football champions like professional footballer Leon Legge, which also gave Mason a lot of inspiration; and providing appropriate contingency measures with the family to ensure he would be catered for if a seizure was to happen.

Mason signed with us in September 2019 and hasn’t looked back since. Training as a goalkeeper, Mason loves the goalkeeper drills and challenges GND provide him with and labels them as eye catching and insane. We have been able to manage Mason’s epilepsy well by helping him to understand drills in a simpler way, whilst ensuring that they are challenging enough for him. We have also been able to monitor Mason by recognising when things are becoming too challenging for him and providing him with the options to continue, recoup or rest.

If Mason were to have a seizure during training or a match, he said it would never let it stop him from being the best he can be! Mason has said he has improved as a goalkeeper since joining GND and his reactions are becoming faster. Mason’s family are grateful that GND is willing and equipped to take on the challenges that come with epilepsy and provide him with the opportunity of fulfilling his dream.


If you are a member of GND and have an achievement that you would like to share with us, we would love to hear from you and celebrate it!

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